Old Soapers Never Die

soapmakersignIt is true, old soap makers never die, we just saponify.

After being a professional soap maker for more than 25 years, I find that I still see my world through a unique set of lenses. I even look at my life now, single and 50+ as an amalgam, or a saponification of the many previous elements of my life. Now all blended into something new and, if I may say so myself, even better.

I no longer operate my natural soap business, nor do i operate the full service soap supply company that I used to (Southern Soapers). But, the soap world still beckons me. I still get that itch to make soap, handing them out as gifts to friends. I don’t want the commitment of running a soap company anymore, so sometimes my friends flee when they see me coming with the bag, much as the neighbors flee from the gardener that passes out the zucchini and tomatoes each year!

My solution for my creative needs was to develop the Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio. A place where new soap makers, or those hoping to become soap makers, could come to train and learn about the Indie Beauty and Natural Soap industry. I love weaving in the science of what my students are learning, in a way that is easy for them to grasp. Who knew that when I got my Science Education teaching degree, that I would be using it for the purposes that I do?  I adore getting to share soap making secrets, and explaining why they work, to my students.

Additionally, since the backbone of Southern Soapers Supply was the cold process compatible fragrance oils I had developed for my own natural soap business, I also still distribute these fragrances oils through the Soapalooza webstore. These are the same cosmetic grade fragrance oils I used to use in BloomWorks Natural Soap Company, but also sold through Southern Soapers, and still use today in our Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio.

I am having the time of my life also! I have gotten to teach some amazing people the science, art, and skill of being fabulous soap makers!

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