Snowflake Melt & Pour Soap Project


It is that time again. Fall, the time when the kids head back to school and you have time to focus on upcoming Fall & Winter Product lines. We have a small project that is perfect for you and your child to make the cutest Let the Snow Begin Soaps. This soap uses the Wilton Silicone Snowflake mold and makes six 3 oz to 4 oz snowflake soaps. Instructions arebelow:


Step 1. Melt approximately 2 oz white soap base gently in the microwave. If using PJ’s injection tool (or any other medicine dosage syringe), you will need the soap to be thin. If you do not have an injection tool or syringe, you can still do this but you will need to let your melted soap cool to a thick, viscous consistency. Use either the injection tool to fill the tiny snowflake lines, or use the back of a spoon to squeeze in the thick melted soap base. Save any unused white M&P, we will use it again later for the top layer of this soap.


Step 2. Using the back of a spoon, gently scrape away the excess soap from the snowflake lines, pressing down gently as you scrape. You do not want to pull up the soap filled lines, so pressing down helps. I recommend filling one snowflakes at a time, then immediately start clearing the excess before the soap gets too firmly set up. It is easier to scrape the excess without damaging the snowflake lines while the excess soap is still pliable.



Step 3. Now you have your silicone mold with filled in snowflake lines and cleared of the excess soap from the outlying silicone areas. Wait until your white snowflake lines are firm, about 30 minutes. Now melt approximately 12 oz clear M&P soap base. We tinted red ours red using a Red Lake and some Burgundy oxide dissolved with alcohol and then added to the soap base. This prevents pigment lumps. Alternatively, you can use liquid gel colorants. Fragrance your red tinted clear Melt & P


our soap base and then let it cool until pourable, but cooled to a thicker state. We do not want to cause the heat from the red tinted M&P to melt the delicate Snowflake lines.


Step 4. Spritz the surface of your white Snowflake lines with alcohol. This will allow the next pour of M&P soap, the red tinted clear, to adhere well. Gently divide the red tinted clear M&P soap base among the 6 snowflake mold cavities. Wait 1 to 2 hours for the red tinted M&P to firm up. My son and I were in a hurry and we should have waited another 15 minutes.

Step 5. Now melt some additional white M&P soap base with the left overs you have from making the snowflake lines. You will need about 10 oz of white M&P. Fragrance this portion of white M&P base. Using your sprayer with alcohol, spritz the red tinted M&P soap surfaces of the 6 snowflake molds. Now, divide the white M&P soap base evenly among the six molds. Let sit and firm up for 1 to 2 hours.

Step 6. Gently pull the silicone mold away from the firm soaps, removing the soaps as you do so.

This was a fun project for my son and I. We will be doing some more using white & blue Hannukah theme, as well as white and Christmas green themes.

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