Bombs Away with Virginia This Morning

This morning, Soapalooza appeared on our local Channel 6 show, Virginia This Morning. I did a demo on making the Bombs Away Bath Bombs. If you love the type of bath bombs that you buy from LUSH, than you will enjoy learning to make these. Your teenage daughters will love you!

You can purchase a PDF Tutorial with step by step written instructions and the ingredient list here at Soapalooza: Bombs Away Bath Bomb Tutorial.

All the ingredients are right in the grocery store, except perhaps the citric acid. You can often find that also in the canning section of stores though. If you have trouble, you can purchase what you need at (they sell everything now!) or at

The metal mold that I am using in the video is stainless steel, but you can find inexpensive plastic Christmas ornament halves at Michael’s or Joann’s craft shops. Any flexible silicone mold for baking works as well. I also found my scissor action meatball tongs on, where I had choices from 3/4″ 1 1/4″, 1 1/2, 1 13/4″, and 2″ diameter tongs. What a great selection!


NOTE: Lets discuss the colorants here. Most Neon colorants are only soap grade. There are neons available that are cosmetic grade. You should use the cosmetic grade in bath bombs, as bath bombs are a cosmetic, not a soap. Wilton Cake Paste colorants. Ok, they are FOOD Grade, FDA approved FD&C Colorants. The same FD&C Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1, etc that you use often in soapmaking. Additionally, the sugar baking decorations are simply sugar, starch, and again food grade FD&C dyes. These same colorants are also used in cosmetics. The additional ingredients in cake decorating pastes usually include glycerine, propylene glycol, citric or sorbic acid for preservation. All are as edible ingredients as the salt, citric acid (used to keep fruit from turning brown, lemonade, etc), and baking soda.  Each Wilton jar of cake paste color is has an ingredient list. You can use these cake colorants … just include the ingredient list for them in your product list of ingredients.

Soapalooza on Virginia This Morning – Lip Balms

You can purchase a PDF Tutorial on making Lip Balms & Lotion/Massage Bars at the Soapalooza online store: Lip Balms & Massage Bar Tutorial

About a week ago I got a phone call from the Richmond WTVR Channel 6 TV station. They had so much fun in January hosting the Soapalooza for a Virginia This Morning segment on making sugar scrubs that they wanted me to come back for another segment. We had been planning for June, but at the last minute they had a previously planned segment cancel. So, Morgan called me on Tues afternoon, tentatively wondering if I could manage to pull together a segment for Thursday morning. I was caught off guard for a moment. Almost declined thinking I did not have enough time to pull it together. Then, decided “what the heck, I can do this!”. I mean for heavens sake, I’ve taught soap and cosmetics manufacturing for over 15 years, surely I could build a 5 to 6 minute abbreviated segment in 36 hours! And, who in their right mind would turn down a free advertising gig like that? Right… Not Me!

So, we decided to focus on Lip Balm, teaching the audience how to make their own natural based Lip Balms. We had a blast. This time it was Greg McQuade as the commentator, and he was not shy to get right into the swing of lip balm making. He wants to keep his lips kissable, as he is single! I hope you have as much fun watching the Virginia This Morning Segment as we had making it!

Soapalooza on Virginia This Morning – Sugar Scrubs

This was so fun! I brought enough pre-measured ingredients so that my hostess Cheryl Miller and I could make sugar scrubs together for the audience. She made the Demara sugar scrub, I made the organic white sugar scrub. Her’s was scented with a Vanilla fragrance and she had fine coffee grounds for her exfoliant. I had Lavender essential oil and some lavender buds for effect.

I arrived at 7:45 am, on the ONLY day of winter this year that has bothered to snow! I thought the snow might be a deal breaker, but Morgan Elwell, the Virginia This Morning show producer, assured me “There will be a show, regardless of inclement weather”. So, there you have it, the “Show Must Go On” in effect!

I really enjoyed having Cheryl make a scrub in tandem with me, and I think she enjoyed getting the opportunity to keep a scrub that she made also!

Now the best news of all… drum roll…. They asked me if I could return in a few months with another fun item to demo on the show!

Below you will find today’s Sugar Scrub formula and instructions:

Easy Sugar Scrub

3/4 Cup of Sugar (any kind)

1/8 cup of oil (olive, corn, Wesson, just what is in the cupboard… low odor, I don’t recommend toasted sesame, for instance)

1/8 cup of solubilizer (we are using Polysorbate 20, but simple shampoo will work perfectly also)

4 drops of essential oil or cosmetic fragrance oil

1/2 teaspoon of herbs, fine clay, exfoliant (such as coffee grounds or fine loose tea)

Mix the Solubilizer into the oil, mix. Pour into the sugar, mix. Add the drops of essential oil or fragrance oil, mix. Depending on your sugar scrub end use, add herbs or exfoliates as desired. Generally 1/2 teaspoon is all that will be needed. Package up in wide mouth containers and label. All sugar scrubs have the potential of leaving tubs slippery, so be sure to put a caution on your gift tag or label. This scrub contains a solubilizer, which eliminates most of the slippery tub issues. Package up in a jar or tub. Perfect for yourself, or to give as a gift to someone special.

You can purchase a PDF Tutorial on making Sugar & Salt Scrubs s at the Soapalooza online store: Making Emulsified and Anhydrous Sugar Scrubs Tutorial

If you take this as a class in our Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio, you will have plastic cosmetic jars to package up your sugar scrub, as well as a label to “brand” your creation. You even get to create your own name for your product! We look forward to seeing you at our studio, please check the website for class and workshop dates/times throughout the year.