Summer Workshop & Training Sessions

2015-03-28 09.17.07I am making a promise to myself to start posting to the Soapalooza blog more! Several of my webinar clients had no IDEA that most of my training programs are geared for individual instruction, that I am not a mass training farm. Not to brag, but I am an AMAZNG TEACHER, and a master at my subject material. AND, even more importantly, I LOVE training newcomers to our industry, or helping current members improve their craft. As the retail fragrance division sells down, I will have MORE time to TRAIN! (Most of our fragrances will remain available in the 5, 10, and 25 lb sizes as special order, and at the discounted wholesale size prices).
More & more I am hearing “What? I am the ONLY STUDENT during the session?!! You mean I am the ONLY student during Boot Camp?” Well, I actually prefer to train one on one….. I PREFER small workshop environments. I am a science teacher by profession, and I like making sure my students know what is happening in the soap pot, in their lotion pot, etc. If I have more than two students in a session, I feel it is very hard for me to give the highest quality education in my HANDS ON TRAINING facility. I remove the session dates after a second student signs up.
2015-03-28 09.16.58When you attend one of my studio sessions or one of my Soap or Bath & Body Boot Camps, you have my total attention while YOU are guided in my hands on training modules.You make a LOT of product in my studio, as if you were boot strapping your own business in my facility. You leave with about 35 + lbs of products from our 5 day Fast Track Soap / Bath & Body Boot Camp. You learn how to label, how to wholesale, how to formulate soap and cosmetics. You leave with the formulas we used in class, training manuals, and a committed mentor (me) to guide you along your way.  BONUS : EMAIL ME FOR A $150 coupon on our 5 Day Fast Track Boot Camp, or $50 off our 2 or 3 Day Boot Camps! Email me at   AND, don’t forget that you only need make the initial Installment Payment to LOCK IN your session date!
SO, I will be using the blog & newsletters to let you see more what is happening in the training sessions in our Hands On Soap Studio. ANd, if you are stil too far away to attend our workshops, boot camps, you can STILL take our Boot Camp by using the DIY Soapalooza Training PDF’s with some consulting time to get the lecture classes from me also.
Last but not least, I have over 25 years experience with independent small business soap making & bath & body formulation.. To include copywriting intellectual property, trademark & branding, wholesale product distribution. My undergraduate is Science Education, and my masters is a MBA. I was an Army wife that had to boot strap and suit case a small business for 18 years… giving me a unique perspective and business growth experience. You can not learn what I teach off the freebie Youtube videos or Blind following the Blind maker forums. What I teach is a hands on experience as if you are making my very own products.
I can help you with the same turn key business plan that I taught my own daughter and many other soap/bath & Body formulations. How to avoid some of the most common micro business building mistakes, to help you make soap like a 20 year veteran in 3 months, and how to work SMART and not just HARD. So, I AM going to toot my own horn a little. I have forgotten more about our business than many out there claiming to know actually do know. Here is your chance to learn from an industry expert on a very one on one, at most ever two on one training experience. I do NOT run boot camps with more than 2 students at a session, which gives YOU a more quality experience. I am told I am the ONLY facility in the USA that offers this low student teacher ratio.