Happy Thanksgiving!

stockxpertcom_id440246_size1[1]Happy Thanksgiving! It has been awhile since I had the time to blog. I was so busy that my mind was just not able to focus on topics long enough to put words on the blogosphere.

First, a quick update to catch you up (and be sure to get down to the ‘second’ at the end also!):

I went back to school to learn about Real Estate in June. For the last 4 years the idea of committing to a building on a piece of dirt, with me completely responsible for it, has overwhelmed me. After 35 years living a gypsy lifestyle the military gives you, the idea of owning my own home felt scary, kind of like having a ball and chain on my foot. The idea of not being able to call a landlord to fix the leaking roof, the broken heat pump, or other unexpected repairs was a bit overwhelming, especially after never really having to ever be responsible for such things! Also, the fear that I might change my mind and feel trapped to the location was also frightening. I knew I needed to do something to make sense of my irrational fears, and learning the ‘behind the curtain’ details of Real Estate was the only way I could fathom being able to ever buy a home on my own.

I also needed to see what the business world outside my home office was like. I needed to measure who I was. I have this business degree, yet I have never worked for anyone with it! I have always simply run my own business, fitting it around either a military lifestyle, or my family routines. I’ve set my own hours, and they typically are a moving target … one day I may work 7 am to noon, another week I may be in the studio on a 10 am to 5 pm basis. Another part of the month I may be only working mostly 7 pm to 2 am in the morning. Just depended on what my family needed first. I wanted to see what working in a typical business environment was like. To measure my mettle, to mentally do a cost benefit analysis of my time and worth. I wanted to see the value of my time as a home business consultant and internet based business compared to the 9 to 5 business office lifestyle. I needed to find how my business and business model compared to that of people working for others.

And while I have been an employee before, it has been a long time, and in the teaching profession, not in the business world. It was really important for me to learn if I was using my graduate business education in the most profitable manner, one that I could measure against a tangible standard.

I learned SO MUCH! I learned my business unleashes me from so many constraints that most of my Real Estate professional cohorts or business industry peers are hostage to! I learned the value of my time as well as the ability to be in control of how my time is allocated during the day/week, and how incredibly priceless that is. I will never discount that benefits of being a successful entrepreneur again! I learned how very much I AM indeed the Chief Excitement Officer!

The June through October Real Estate training was money & time well invested, even though I know this is not where I will be focusing my business energies. The training and office/field time has removed my fear of buying my own home! It has taught me the value & power of being in control of my time, and has allowed me to measure my business acumen against something tangible. It has taught me also how MUCH I actually bring to the table as a single woman in areas beyond the business conference room! The education and on the job training was in many ways liberating on more intangible areas than I could ever have imagined. Additionally, I have made fantastic new friends, I’ve gotten to know my community better, and I have a marvelous seasoned business mentor. I learned more than if I had enrolled in a semester of business Real Estate courses at the College of Williams & Mary or VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University).

I am planning to maintain my Real Estate license and use it periodically for friends and family needs, but I don’t see myself pursuing the profession more than on a limited basis or for my own investment purposes.

2015-03-28 09.15.59My passion and heart are still with the soap making and independent bath & body industry. One of the unexpected outcomes from my Real Estate training is that my fear about being  a manufacturer when single and on my own has also disappeared! I am going to restart my soap & body products manufacturing business again!  The Real Estate training took away not only my fear & anxieties of purchasing and owning my own home, but also the fear of manufacturing without that safety net of a Plan A (husband’s primary income as the back up plan)!

The experience matured me, gave me confidence, and increased my excitement to do what I love best!

Second, I have a series of topics planned that I will be publishing on the blog regularly again! All on either soap making, body care products, fragrance, supplies, my new Savon & Bain soap making venture, and well ..just my circumlocutious, saponified life!

Good luck and safe soap making from Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio, where soapmaking is an Art, an Adventure, and a Passion!

Kelly, Chief Excitement Officer at Soapalooza!

Kelly Bloom is the owner and Chief Excitement Officer at Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio, located in Williamsburg, VA. She is a former Science Education teacher, and the founder of Southern Soapers Fragrances. Soapalooza sells Kelly’s formerly Southern Soapers branded fragrance oils now under the Soapalooza brand. Kelly is a 20+ year veteran soap maker and supply business owner, consultant, trainer, and supplies wholesale soap for private label as well as Back Bar products for local boutique spas.

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